Lucky Block Mod 1.16.5/1.16.4/1.16.3 – Test your luck

Download and installation for Windows and Mac OS

Lucky Block Mod 1.16.5/1.16.4/1.16.3 adds new Lucky Blocks of all minerals to your Minecraft. These Lucky Blocks are naturally generated in your world, you will find the Lucky Block in the same biome and layer as its mineral.

These Lucky Blocks drop items from your menu, if you find a Redstone Lucky Block, it will drop red stone items.

If you find a Lucky Diamond block, you will drop diamond tools; Diamond armor, diamond blocks, and can also drop diamonds.

A Single block and several possibilities this is Lucky Block

Add only one block, but more than a hundred possibilities for Minecraft. Simply remove the Lucky Block, cross your fingers and wait for it to release the items you need.

But now, with this new version, you can expect more than just elements. The Lucky block mod can generate animals, monsters, other entities and even structures.

From giants to fireworks, from sticks to diamonds, Lucky Block will give you an exciting experience every time you extract it.

And since it costs gold, which really does not have much use, it makes no sense to waste your gold on tools, swords and armor when for a single block you have a lottery of these.

Would you like there to be better things to do with your gold? Or maybe if you could change it for something else?

Now there is a block that makes gold worth mining, it is called Lucky Block, and it can be made with 4 gold bars and a dropper, and it can also be found naturally in your world.

When you extract this block, you will have the same probability of dropping elements, generating entities or structures.

Mod Screenshots in Minecraft

Lucky Block Mod Features

  • Lucky levels
  • Luck blocks can get different “luck levels” if you place them on a manufacturing table with certain items.
  • The “Luck” of a lucky block is shown as a 0 to 100 bar.
  • The higher the luck level, the more likely it is that the luck block will give you something good.
  • Luck levels can also be negative, from 0 to -100. Negative levels of luck make the blocks of luck unfortunate.
  • There are 3 Lucky Blocks in the creative inventory. One is normal, one has a luck level of 80 and another of -80.
  • You can only stack Lucky Blocks with a luck level of 0.
  • The list of elements that affect the level of luck is found in “Elaboration”.


Minecraft Forge: Compatibility between mods.
OptiFine: Minecraft optimization to reduce lag, recommended when adding lots of mods.

How to install Lucky Block Mod?

The way to install Lucky Block Mod is very simple to follow. Previously, you just have to download Minecraft Forge 1.16.3 then download Lucky Block Mod 1.16, then double click on the file that has been downloaded from Forge.

This will allow you to run the installer, once this is done you must go to start and place %appdata%, then the file downloaded from the mod must be pasted into the .minecraft/mods folder. Now, you can start searching for minerals and materials.

Download Lucky Block Mod 1.16.5/1.16.4/1.16.3

You will be redirected to download the mod, make sure you have read the installation tutorial to properly enjoy the mod.

Download Lucky Block 1.16.3

Download Lucky Block 1.16.3

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